Source:  Top Gear / April 12, 2019

Quite. Lamborghinis aren’t ordinarily shy, retiring supercars, and this Huracán developed by the company’s in-house racing team Squadra Corse is straight-up ready to fight. In the pursuit of speed, of course. All the speed.OK, so what is it?An update on Squadra Corse’s 2015 Huracán GT3 racer – which has claimed both Daytona and Spa 24hr race wins, and won favour with fast footwear sporting gentleman racers and professionals alike – handily dubbed Evo. That’s short for Evolution.

But you already knew that.What you didn’t already know is that the new GT3 Evo further hones the brief over its predecessor through its merciless pursuit of speed, and ability to not terrify its fee-paying audience. Giorgio Sanna, Squadra Corse boss, explains that, indeed, the new Evo distils the three years of circuit racing the Huracán GT3 has clocked up.

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