Source:  Top Gear / May 01, 2019

Aston Martin has removed a nail from the manual gearbox’s coffin this week, equipping its new Vantage AMR with a manual gearbox. It brings stick-shifting back to Aston’s classy muscle car, and in doing so puts some confidence back behind a transmission we all feared was being usurped by the paddleshifter.

Real confidence: rather than just bolt in any old manual, Aston has fitted it with a seven-speed, dog-leg gearbox. That means second to seventh gears fill the positions normally used for first to sixth. First gear, which you’ll really be using at junctions or when parking, is reached by going left and down from neutral.

It’s unusual to find nowadays, but some great, great cars have used this layout over the years. Cars which used a dog-legged first gear not to make seven ratios easier to handle, but rather to elbow it out of the way to value fast driving above all else.

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