Top Quality Auto Paint Service inSt. Joseph

In many ways the paint on your car is similar to the clothes that you wear. They are both the first the things people see and, whether you like it or not, first impressions matter. So whether your car is more of a suit-and-tie kind of vehicle or one that is more comfortable in jeans and a plain white tee, it is important that it looks it best.

At Jim D's Body Shop we have built our business on doing what’s best for you. After all, as a St. Joseph motorist, you are the person who knows your vehicle better than anybody else. This approach to how we work means that we will always suggest the repair service that best meets your vehicle’s individual needs. This customer-centered way of doing things has worked well for us for years and we see no reason to change now.

A Range of Options

If your favorite pair of pants had a rip you would repair them right away, right? However, if the rip returned and persisted then you would most likely say your goodbyes and invest in a new pair. With your vehicle’s paint-work there are similarities and differences.

First of all, the advanced color-matching materials and cutting-edge tools used by our team of repair technicians mean that there are very few scratches or scrapes we can’t repair quickly. This saves you time and money on a fully body repair job and is the option we will always look to first. That being said, if the damage is so serious that a full body paint job is needed to return your vehicle to its pre-collision best then we can do that too. Our auto paint repair technicians have the skill to undertake any task to the highest possible level.

Contrasting Climate Conditions

Damage to your vehicle’s auto paint work is unfortunately one of the most common problems we hear about from St. Joseph motorists who visit our garage. The reason for this is simple. As you all know in St. Joseph our weather can fluctuate widely depending on the season. This means that while our summers are hot, warm and sunny, our winters are the exact opposite with snowstorms, freezing temperatures and ice. This contrast in temperature and weather can damage the integrity of your car’s paint. What’s more, the temperature changes between night and day during the fall can also cause damage to your car. This is because the paint on your car contracts and expands when temperatures fall and rise sharply.

It is difficult to offer a foolproof way of protecting your car against these issues. Investing in a car cover for the winter is one option, while trying to ensure that your vehicle is parked in the shade as much as possible during the summer can help keep it protected.